The Ancients were created to combat the Shade after their conquest of Ketiyama. Ancients have access to four of the five Godai (Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Lightning). Which four they possess depends on the specific Ancient. This species is ageless and immortal in the sense they cannot die naturally (they can be killed). Ancient’s bodies are extremely durable and have an infinite amount of stamina making it nearly impossible to defeat them in a drawn-out battle. 96% of them were wiped out by a “Creator” during the cleanse.


The Cryomancers are the third species from the Purkinje Tree and were given dominion over Ketiyama. Their strong affinity to the cold makes it hard to live anywhere else but Ayakani. As the government of Ketiyama developed, the Cryomancers took it upon themselves to protect the borders of all governed countries, thus giving birth to the Gillie. Cryomancers are easily identified by their cold blue eyes and the ability to manipulate every Mana associated with the element of water. Initially, the Cryomancers were advocates of non-violence, but as time passed, each generation moved further away from this sentiment as the newly dubbed winter wolves became a force in Ketiyama.


Shades are a species that first appeared in the territory, now known as Sheol. Their appearance is not always humanoid, as it varies from each clan. Shades are classified by their type, giving researchers a better understanding of each clan and the specific abilities tied to them. Each class has its own unique Heritage Skill that is passed down to their offspring. Shade is physically stronger than the average person but their Prana pool is much lower.


Shugendo is the love child of the Ancients & Shade. Like the Ancients, Shugendo can convert their Prana to manipulate Mana. Like the Shade, Shugendo is born with Heritage Skills that pass down to a person’s offspring. What makes them different is, Shugendo cannot wield Mana without using Kuji Seals, and their lifespan is not eternal. What makes them unique is Kuji Seals allow them to access all branches of Manakata with proper training. Their Heritage Skill is extremely powerful, but it is not to be abused because of the stress it places on the body for using it multiple times in a row.


When a “Creator” fell from the sky and landed in the mountains of Nacirema, his Prana seeped into the core of the human territory (now Nacirema), creating a mist that covered the country for a year. As humans continued to populate their territory, children were born with a single ability that did not manifest until their teenage years. After extensive research, it was determined these “Super Humans” have traces of the “Creator’s” Prana, known as Keza inside of them; thus giving them the name Connectors. The ability acquired by the Connector is unique to them and purely based on their personality. It is believed this is why the ability manifests once they are in their teens, as it allows them to grow into themselves. Unlike other races with special abilities, the Connectors have to sacrifice Prana Points in order to use their technique, giving them a usage limit of 45.


The eighth species and most primitive of all the races in Ketiyama, humans like all mortals have Prana flowing through them. What makes them unique is, unfortunately, there is no way for them to access it. One would believe this would be a huge disadvantage but history shows this is not the case at all. Humans are responsible for most of the advanced technology and weaponry that exists today. What they lack in power is multiplied in intelligence.

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