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QUINN MIBU | Age: 22

Race: Shade (Bakeneko)
Mana: Fire, Lightning
Status: Active
Affiliations: Pulse
Personality: The best word to describe Shuyin is altruistic. If there is trouble or someone in danger, you can bank on Shuyin coming to their rescue.  Although he is naturally reserved, he has an amusing way of teasing people. Despite this, he never belittles those who are less knowledgeable than him. Rather, he serves as a source of encouragement and inspiration to everyone around him. Because of his charisma and caring nature, people tend to gather around him, allies and supporters alike. One thing Shuyin detests more than anything is being called a Hero.
Biography: Born into Manji royalty, Shuyin’s life teeters between triumph and tragedy. He hails from the Capital City of Soto but spent most of his younger years in the Ice Sector of Ayakani. After a BTX outbreak in Mikkyo Garden, Shuyin was believed to be one of the 11 children exposed to the toxin. 4 years later, he returns to society as a teenager only to experience more pain. During a chance meeting with critically acclaimed author Reagan Valentine, Shuyin is offered the opportunity of a lifetime…Stability. His new connections get him into Rasho and from there he begins to live up to the Hagamuri name. After ending the Sonoma incident, Shuyin is on everyone’s radar when Nimbus is created. With someone like him in the unit the people of Ketiyama can rest easy.

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