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QUINN MIBU | Age: 22

Race: Shade (Bakeneko)
Mana: Fire, Lightning
Status: Active
Affiliations: Pulse
Personality: Quinn is an outspoken, forthcoming, impatient busy body, whose traumatic past has driven her passion for finding the truth and providing the real stories and transparency to the people. She is relentlessly inquisitive, cerebral, and analytical.  All of which qualities make her extremely good at her job, and one of Ketiyama’s most hated persons.  
Biography: The mouth of Ketiyama, Quinn made a name for herself by being the first to break huge stories all across the world. Her consistency and drive to expose the truth have made her one of the best reporters Ketiyama has ever seen. Not much is known about Quinn’s past, only that she got her start as an intern at “Pulse”, a multimedia conglomerate, and was later hired on. Shortly after gaining her full-time residency, she pitched the idea for them to expand into social media.  With the full support of her boss Eureka Montiago, “Ketiyama Unchained” was born. Since that day there isn’t a story that Quinn doesn’t break.