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Race: 1/2 Cryomancer 1/2 Shugendo
Mana: Water + Ice
Status: Active
Affiliations: Nimbus
Personality: The best word to describe Shuyin is altruistic. If there is trouble or someone in danger, you can bank on Shuyin coming to their rescue.  Although he is naturally reserved, he has an amusing way of teasing people. Despite this, he never belittles those who are less knowledgeable than him. Rather, he serves as a source of encouragement and inspiration to everyone around him. Because of his charisma and caring nature, people tend to gather around him, allies and supporters alike. One thing Shuyin detests more than anything is being called a Hero.
Biography: Born into Manji royalty, Shuyin’s life teeters between triumph and tragedy. He hails from the Capital City of Soto but spent most of his younger years in the Ice Sector of Ayakani. After a BTX outbreak in Mikkyo Garden, Shuyin was believed to be one of the 11 children exposed to the toxin. 4 years later, he returns to society as a teenager only to experience more pain. During a chance meeting with critically acclaimed author Reagan Valentine, Shuyin is offered the opportunity of a lifetime…Stability. His new connections get him into Rasho and from there he begins to live up to the Hagamuri name. After ending the Sonoma incident, Shuyin is on everyone’s radar when Nimbus is created. With someone like him in the unit the people of Ketiyama can rest easy.


Race: Enenra (Shade)
Mana: Smoke
Status: Active
Affiliation: Nimbus
Personality: Kouken is a highly-skilled, decorated soldier with an extensive list of training.  His skillset mixed with his reserved, straight and narrow, no-nonsense personality makes him a highly respected and natural leader.  Although Kouken is beloved by the people of Ketiyama, he keeps his circle small.  He is not quick to trust, but once you have his loyalty, there is nothing Kouken won’t do to protect his friends/family.
Biography: This generation’s Hanzo Masimuto, Kouken is the first of his clan to be accepted by both the Manji Administration and Republic.  While getting his education at Mikkyo Garden, Kouken was recruited into Rasho. Although initially a part of the recon unit Maroon Star, Kouken began to move between the various branches of the organization. This molded him into a battle-ready soldier and a competent leader. After the Menara Incident, Kouken became the captain of Maroon Star and since then his unit has become the most vital component to Rasho’s success. When the nominations go out for Nimbus, the Director himself, Ward Montiago and Head of Defense; Belisia Asuhara nominates Kouken. The people of Ketiyama reciprocate this love by choosing Kouken to be their protector.

MANU YAGYU | Age: 20

Race: Shugendo
Mana: Wind
Status: Active
Affiliation: Nimbus
Personality: Extremely arrogant, candid, and indifferent to others’ feelings, Manu is perceived as brash and disrespectful. With an explosive personality, he struggles to keep his emotions intact, which oftentimes leads him into trouble.  He is known to oppose authority and has no issues with taking a life, which makes him extremely difficult to work with. However, Manu has a strong sense of loyalty to his clan and those he considers friends.
Biography:  Born into a clan known for their nobility and fierce Shintekikata, Manu Yagyu is this generation’s anomaly. Born with Dual Sunyata, he was often shunned by his fellow clansmen but this did not deter him from becoming the best he could be. It wasn’t until he met Jin & Ninche Sishimata did Manu feel like he truly belonged. While amongst friends, Manu began to blossom into the person we know today. At 16 Manu became a Manji and began stacking accolades, one after the other.  At 18 he won the Elysian Fields and the same year he was sentenced to three years in Anathema for assault. When things seemed bleak, the opportunity of a lifetime came in the form of Nimbus. To his surprise, he was nominated by the people of Ketiyama and after completing the final stage, Manu snags a spot on this new unit. With a second chance at life, Manu vows to not waste a moment.


Race: Connector
Mana: Neutral
Status: Active
Affiliation: Nimbus
Personality: Kale is a foul mouthed, sarcastic, state the obvious kind of person with a unique sense of humor, who is extremely brainy, and up to date on all the newest technology. He has a rude, insensitive attitude, with a knack for insults. Above his sharp tongue is a cautious individual who isn’t keen on trusting others. Upon getting to know his comrades in Nimbus, he is surprisingly casual and laid-back. He provokes his friends/opponents by mocking them and calling them names. Underneath his rough exterior, Kale is a horrible fighter and deals with strong anxiety when faced with hands on conflict.
Biography: Born into the Schaefer family, the self-proclaimed Techno-God is known for his technological advances and his reputation as a hacker on the Asura while working with the nefarious cyber pirates, Gizmo. After multiple favors called in by his father, Kale soon realized he was being manipulated by the organization.  As a result, he decided to join the opposition as a Rashomon Agent.  Working on the cyber defense team, Kale’s goal was to take down his former associates.  After completing his mission, he was smug enough to give himself the call sign Gizmo. It wasn’t long after these events, when his father, Theodore Schaefer, President of Nacirema, was murdered during what is now known as the Menara Incident. With the death of his father heavy on his heart, Kale devotes himself entirely to his work. He proves to be an invaluable asset when Nacirema is hit with a nano-virus, that even he succumbs to. His skill set and dedication during this period lead to his nomination to participate in Operation Gehenna. After this, he is officially inducted as a member of Nimbus and hopes to honor his father’s memory.


Race: Shugendo
Mana: Godai
Status: Active
Affiliation: Nimbus (Leader)
Personality: Samara’s years as a dangle have made her freakishly adaptable. While she displays compassion and willingness to help others, going the extra mile to get things done, she can also be very aloof and standoffish. If she is unable to see someone’s vision, she can be very dismissive of one’s dreams and judgmental. On the other hand, if she believes in someone, she will be staunchly loyal and encouraging. Samara is a person with many layers and if you asked her, she would say she is merely a background character in her own life story.
Biography: Samara is one of the most known, unknown people in Ketiyama. As the youngest person to ever become a Rasho agent, she was immediately placed in Dangle. After a chance encounter with Shuyin Hagamuri, Samara was perplexed by his act of heroism. Even more confusing was how adamantly against being called a hero he was. As she continued her work as a Rasho, Samara constantly questioned what it meant to be a hero and why someone would run from the title. When the Nimbus Project is announced, Samara is nominated by her superior. After passing the final stage, she makes the cut and to her surprise is appointed leader of the unit. With the people of Ketiyama now her responsibility, Samara must step out of the shadows and become the Hero they deserve.