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Twitter: Hornett_
Kris is a Cincinnati native author and avid gamer. Growing up he enjoyed comic books, manga, anime, and horror films. He draws his inspiration for writing from his personal desire to create a story he can fully submerge himself in. Kris combines elements from each of the genres he enjoys into his own unique style.

Favorite Visual Artist: Akira Hiramoto, Russell Dauterman
Favorite Movies: The Bourne Supremacy, No Country for Old Men
Favorite Anime: Psycho Pass, Outlaw Star
Favorite Manga: Blood Monday, Blade of the Immortal
Favorite Comics: Superior Spider Man, Batman: The Court of Owls
Favorite Writers: Jonathan Hickman, Sui Ishida
Favorite Games: Sleeping Dogs, Legend of Dragoon
Other Interest: Gaming, Weightlifting

Read the interview with Comic Book Poser: Interview with Kris Hornett, Creator of Grey


Instagram: Kero Beroz
Favorite Visual Artist: Glen Keane, Yoshirio Togashi
Favorite Movies: The Lion King, Tangled
Favorite Bands/Artists: Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Queen, Led Zeppelin
Favorite Books: Fullmetal Alchemist, Ego is the Enemy
Favorite Writers: Hiromu Arakawa, Ryan Holiday
Favorite Games: Final Fantasy IX, Xenogears, Kingdom Hearts
Favorite Gaming Platform: PC
Other Interests: Singing, Musical Instruments