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Race: Connector
Mana: Neutral 
Status: Active
Affiliations: Bureau (Commissioner) 
Personality: Renee is a leader with an elitist attitude toward those not born Connector. Known for being the lone Official vocally against the inception of Nimbus, Renee shows a strong distaste for all the success and adulation the young agents have garnered. To the pillars of his country, Renee represents Naccirema at its height. To ensure the safety of the people, and continued support for those in power, Renee will lay down his life. 
Biography: The man considered to be a legend in the Bureau. Renee became an agent at eighteen and at nineteen he broke rank and assisted the Manji during the Dragon Campaign. He believes working with the Manji will benefit everyone. This act of selflessness made the Manji look at him as an ally, but his own turned against him. This led to him receiving high-value target missions in other countries on behalf of the Bureau. During a Human Trafficking operation, Renee goes missing. When he returns, his whole personality has changed. He no longer believes in cooperation with anyone outside of Nacirema and his views tilt on the side of racism.  With a new way of thinking, Renee is quickly pushed to the top of the Bureau and the title of Commissioner becomes a mainstay in front of his name. 


Race: 1/2 Ancient 1/2 Shugendo
Mana: Godai
Status: Active
Affiliation: Board of Officials (Defensive Coordinator) – Nimbus (Handler)
Personality: Belisia is a soldier through and through. She gives and follows orders without any room for questioning believing everything she does is to better the Realm. As an Official she tries to see things beyond black and white. She strives to bring out the best in herself and those around her. Her Mantra is I mirror the clouds.  
Biography: Belisia is the first person to become a Manji & Bureau Agent. She hails from the Capital City of Soto and is well known as a member of the legendary Manji unit Raiton. Her drive and no-nonsense approach garnered much admiration across Ketiyama, making her one of the most popular and relatable people in the realm. After the Sonoma Incident, the people of Ketiyama looked to Belisia to be their voice nominating her as head of Rashomon’s Defense Unit. This led to her creating Nimbus a call back to her time in Raiton. As their handler, Belisia teaches the importance of teamwork while pushing them to be the best for the people of Ketiyama.


Race: Unknown
Mana: Unknown
Status: Active
Affiliations: Board of Officials (Sparrow Division)
Personality: Reagan is creative in every sense of the word. Her unique ability for making art out of architecture and her forward-thinking has made her a staple in the evolution of Ketiyama. Most known for her work as a novelist, Reagan’s oxymoron approach to naming her books (Devout Atheist, The Cheerful Pessimist, Genuine Imitation, etc.) are as off-putting as her sense of humor. While known for her playful and sarcastic personality, Reagan’s exception is her son Shuyin, whom she is extremely protective of, particularly considering his line of work to which he has dedicated his life to.
Biography:  Before her fame as an author, not much is known about Reagan’s past. So little, no one truly knows her origin or family ties. She first introduced herself to the world with the release of “Boy in the Trees”. This novel was praised worldwide, putting Reagan on the map. Her sophomore outing “Devout Atheist” garnered even more praise and adoration, cementing her status as a premier author in Ketiyama. During a chance meeting with the Board of Officials Director, Ward Montiago; Reagan suggested a mandatory annual mental health evaluation for all Manji and Bureau Agents for them to continue doing their job effectively. After several meetings, Reagan is made an Official and ultimately creates the Sparrow Division (a unit dedicated to mental health and stability).