The Bureau was created in 135 A.C. (Age of Chaos) by Maury Schaefer, a founding member of the Republic. With the Unification Act all but dissolved, Ketiyama had become a lawless realm. In order to combat this, Schaefer developed a system allowing trained officers to police the civilians of Nacirema, known as the Bureau Initiative or Protocol 1. Once approved by the Republic and Rashomon, Maury hired Raymond Dubois to train the Bureau Agents. As training began so did the development of the Bureau Headquarters in the Capital City. After one year, both the agents and the Bureau Headquarters were up and running. Over time crime dropped dramatically in Nacirema, and the people began to believe in their new protectors. The Bureau Initiative had such an impact, that the Manji Administration adopted the same protocol once they were established.

The Bureau’s sole purpose is to manage and mitigate crime. An officer of the law must be ready and willing to risk their lives for the sake of the people in order to preserve the peace.

To become a Bureau Agent one must be over the age of 18 and complete the Tarey Training Program in Nariana by passing the following test:

– Written Exam
– Physical Fitness Exam
– Psychological Evaluation
– Extensive Displacer Training

Commissioner: The leader of the Bureau and member of the Board of Officials. The commissioner is responsible for all members of the Bureau and to act as a beacon of justice for all those who are not strong enough to protect themselves.

Deputy Commissioner: The right hand of the Commissioner, the Deputy oversees all branches and sub-stations in Ketiyama. He or she travels to each location to monitor the work ethic and compliance of the Bureau Agents. If a branch is underperforming, the Deputy stays on location to implement additional training until their performance is up to standards and satisfaction of the Bureau.

Agents: Bureau Agents/Inspectors are responsible for carrying out the laws and protecting the civilians of Ketiyama. The use of deadly force is prohibited unless special circumstances come into play. Agents carry a variety of offensive and defensive tools but the most notable are the Displacer and Stun Baton. To become a Bureau Agent one must go through the Tarey Training Program.

Displacer: Ranging from pistols to RPG’s, this firearm can absorb the operator’s Prana and release it in the form of bullets. Created with the human Bureau Agents in mind and their inability to manipulate Prana, the displacer was designed to close the gap between themselves and the other races. Registered exclusively to Bureau Agents, the displacer is equipped with fingerprint authentication before access is granted.

Stun Baton: A melee tool infused with electricity. Stun Batons release a minimum charge of 20k volts and a maximum of 200k volts.