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Shiro Gorgon is a paramilitary unit composed of Manji & Basilisk soldiers. After unforeseen events, this unit was vital to re-establish the Shibata Clan’s rule over Sheol. Shiro Gorgon is only a team of eight, but the unit is more than capable. In addition to fighting with those who hope to overthrow the Shibata, Shiro Gorgon may act as Bureau Agents to a degree.  Doing patrols and handling non-terrorist related crimes. Some special cases may arise forcing the unit members to handle protection duty to members of the Shibata Clan.

Shiro Gorgon are tasked with defending Sheol from rival or enemy identified by the Shibata Clan.

Shiro Gorgon is not a unit anyone aspires to join. Manji are usually placed on this team for being problematic and or thrill seekers. This does not minimize the capabilities of the Manji placed on the unit, it just means this person is a bit rough around the edges. One must be self-reliant, besides the small unit there is no one else.