Nimbus or Protocol VII are highly capable agents called in when threats are too great for standard defense agencies. Most units are put together based around a specific task. Nimbus agents are expected to adapt, therefore their training is far more expansive. In addition to them being impressive field operatives, they are required to demonstrate transparency with the people of Ketiyama. Unlike the other defensive agencies, Nimbus has no jurisdiction.

Agents were nominated by way of several formal elections and by high ranking officers in both governments. Officials were also allowed to nominate several agents. The Agent pool consists of individuals from the various Defense agencies in Ketiyama.

– Manji
– Bureau
– Rasho
– Shiro Gorgon
– Cross Health
– Gillie

Once nominated, Agents were vetted for mental stability by the head of Sparrow, Reagan Valentine, and her team. Next, the Nominee’s skills are evaluated by the head of Rasho, Sachi Magoro followed up by a complete medical examination. All those who advance through the vetting process move on.  After 38 nominees only 12 made it to the final stage Operation: Gehenna (A simulation of the Sonoma Incident recreated in Kian City). This exercise is live-streamed on all major news stations including the Bubble. The Agents have to demonstrate how they would react during a crisis of this magnitude. In addition to the Connector threat, other challenges were added to test the adaptability of the agents. Gehenna lasted for 3 days and by the end, only 5 agents remained. These five agents make up the Nimbus Unit.

Agents do not answer to the President or the Heron, nor do they report to the head of Rasho. Belisia Asuhara is their handler and the creator of the unit. Nimbus Agents may be required to speak with Officials but only under special circumstances. The unit is composed of 5 individuals who collectively bring something unique to the team.

Samara Asuhara: Cultural Adaptation
Kouken Masimuto: Recon Specialist + Keen Observational Skills
Shuyin Hagamuri: Medical Experience + Tactician
Manu Yagyu: Interpersonal Skills + Self Reliant
Kale Schaefer: High Tradecraft IQ