The Manji was created as a response to the Druid attacks in 136 A.C (Age of Chaos). During this time Satoshi Yagyu and his clan were able to organize Shugendo, Gaiya & Cryomancer to combat this global threat. After surviving the Druid onslaught and being declared the victor of what is known today as the War of Magick & Mana; Satoshi sits down with leaders from each unit to discuss how a union would be beneficial to Ketiyama, especially those not connected to the Republic. Ultimately, a new group, which is charged with overseeing their own legislature is birthed. This body is named the Manji Administration.

To ensure the safety of Ketiyama’s people

In order to become a Manji, one must graduate from Mikkyo Garden and complete the Atlas Program.

If one plans to become a Manji, this curriculum is a prerequisite. Atlas is a 20-week program that tests applicants on their ability to control Prana, manipulate Mana, and combat skills. Written tests and presentations are scattered throughout the program to test the knowledge of those hoping to become a Manji after their time in the Garden. You may fail the test twice before a waiting period of two years is placed on the applicant.


The Heron is the leader of the Manji Government and works directly with the Board of Officials. The Heron helps create and enforce all of the laws and protocols in place for the Manji Administration. If Manji steps out of line and causes problems or conflict that can jeopardize the Administration, it is up to the Heron to speak for them and come up with solutions to minimize conflict. The position of Heron is awarded by completing the Heron Exam. Yamakan is excluded from this because they are a country with a mixed government. The Heron is one of 3 people with enough power to overturn a prisoner’s sentence in the Ascendancy Sector.    

A Page is a person chosen by the Heron to serve directly under them. As the right hand of the Heron, the Page accompanies them everywhere and completes various tasks for them whether it’s delivering sensitive messages are protecting them. It is the Page’s duty to protect the Heron at all cost, but it is also the Heron’s duty to equip them with the skills necessary to do so. Being a Page prohibits the individual from high ranking assignments, their duty is to stay with the Heron.

Shriker is the title given to the strongest Manji in their sector. Most are more than capable of becoming Heron, but the title is already Taken. Shriker is responsible for most of the city’s day-to-day affairs, such as assigning the sectors Manji to units that complement their skill set, running their Bureau, and securing funding for the sector projects and personnel. When or if War ensues, it is the Shriker who must lead the front line.

Proxies in the Manji Administration are a bit different from their counterparts as they may move between defense agencies, under special circumstances. These officers serve directly under their Shriker.