Following the events of the Second Dragon Campaign, the Board of Officials implement Protocol III known as Rasho. This Special Operations Unit will be responsible for protecting Ketiyama by way of highly classified operations. Rasho is made up of several units all tasked with specific objectives.  

To protect the people of Ketiyama while maintaining anonymity


Maroon Star – Special Reconnaissance
A small unit of highly trained agents, operating behind enemy lines, avoiding combat or direct action. The first order of business for this unit is intelligence collection. In the event M.S agents are detected; this unit is capable of becoming a direct-action unit.  

Goldilocks – Hunters
A unit created specifically to hunt Rogue government agents (Bureau, Manji & Rasho Agents). Goldilocks agents are tasked with killing and disposing of the defected agent. These agents are highly skilled and self-reliant. These agents have Cross Health training making them well versed in Anatomy. Rogue recovery missions are handled by one agent due to their high level of ability.    

Dangle – Sleeper/Joe/Deep Cover
A small unit created by the Head of Operations. These agents are tasked with integrating themselves with high value targets. Their mission may be as simple as recovering intel or as dangerous as assassinating the leader of an organization. Dangle must be adaptable in order to complete missions.  

A unit created for the Menara Incident. Information on this operation is considered highly classified and has since been sealed by the Board of Officials.