Cross Health is a Non-Profit humanitarian organization that provides emergency assistance, disaster relief, and disaster preparedness education around the world. It was founded by Birchfollowing the events of the Second Dragon Campaign. She believed this was necessary after seeing the number of casualties and the lack of medical experience on the Battlefield. To this day Cross Health training is required by Manji and Bureau Agents alike.

The Goal of Cross Health is the prevention of premature death and disability, maintenance and enhancement of quality of life.

Joining Cross Health is not as simple as going to Eden and completing their training program. Those who are not born Gaia must graduate from Mikkyo Garden and be refereed by the heads of either…

– Rec Room
– Tarey
– Rasho

Once the referral goes through, the applicant will be interviewed the head of Cross Health. Successful interviews result in an open spot for the applicant it the Cross-Health Training Program. The Class is held once a quarter and spots are limited. Applicants who complete the Cross-Health Program will be well versed in the various fields. 

– Anatomy
– Advanced Prana Control
– Botany

Unlike the Manji or Bureau, Cross-Health has no ranks. Units are only grouped together in times of crisis but for the most part, a person in Cross Health could be your neighbor, mailman or doctor.