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Series Release Date: July 10, 2020
Dark Fantasy, Adventure
Created & Written by:
Kris Hornett
Drawn by:
Ardee Arollado
Special Projects Art:
Kenet Guevarra
Editor & Multimedia Creator: Lisa Taylor

SERIES SYNOPSIS: After a lethal virus outbreak in Nacirema, later dubbed the Sonoma Incident, the government was left with a country in chaos, destruction, and division. As a sign of good faith and last attempt to restore order, the Board of Officials allowed the people to elect a team of highly trained tactical agents to serve and protect. Nimbus, a team of five who are sworn to maintain moral balance and enforce the law, are quickly placed into position. However, as each agent begins to find their stride within their new roles, it isn’t long before shadows of their past resurface bringing even more disaster to the realm of Ketiyama. With a unit chosen specifically for the people by the people, will this be the changing of the guard everyone hoped for, or will it be the inevitable fall they all saw coming? This is their story… 



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